GameDay Sports Episode #17 – The Hall of Fame & The AAC

Today Austin and Alan talk about this year's Hall of Fame classes, both Football and Baseball, while taking a look at who makes it in next season as well. They also give their preview of the AAC and a couple quick comments on Jay Cutler and the Chargers leaving San

GameDay Sports Episode #16 – MAC-Daddy & Some Baseball Stuff

Austin is back and him and Alan are talking the newly released coaches poll for college football as well as a preview of the MAC and who gets their vote for MVP so far in the Major Leagues. Also they take a guess at where Kyrie and Carmelo start next

GameDay Sports Episode #15 – Trade Deadline

Today Alan talks about the Trade Deadline and what we can expect to change the course of the MLB season and the playoff contenders who got better. Don't worry fans, next episode is all college football.

GameDay Sports Episode #14 – WTF Kyrie?!

In this episode Alan discusses Kyrie's questionable move and the stupidity behind it, as well as the state of the Ole Miss football program and what is next for Oxford, MS after Hugh Freeze's resignation. He also touches on Derrick Rose's move to Cleveland.

GameDay Sports Podcast Episode #13 – July 20th 2017

Today Austin and Alan talk about the push towards the postseason in the Majors as there are only about 60 games left in the season. They also touch on Las Vegas sports, soccer, Pete Rose's net worth, and Austin recuses himself of any suspicion that he is a drug addict.

GameDay Sports Podcast Episode #12 – July 13th 2017

Today the guys talk the All-Star Game, they preview the Sun Belt Conference, and they bring Justin from Off-Season Day Sports Podcast on to talk the Mayweather-McGregor fight and the upcoming Jon Jones - Daniel Cormier fight.

GameDay Sports Podcast Episode #11 – July 11th 2017

This Episode Alan and Austin discuss the difference between Gordon Heyward's move and Kevin Durant's betrayal. The guys also discuss the MLB All Star Week and what MLB team is the best in baseball at the break.

GameDay Sports Podcast Episode #10 – July 6th 2017

This episode the guys talk about Gordon Heyward becoming a Celtic as well as other moves around the NBA, and then dive head-first into their first college football conference preview as they take a look at the Mountain West, before finishing with the ESPY Game, the Jersey Game, and a